About Harvey's Aquatics Dudley

Harvey's Aquatics are your number one Aquatic & Fish store and one of the largest Aquatic stockists in the West Midlands

Based only 2 miles from the Merry Hill Centre and close to Kingswinford, Brierley Hill and Dudley, we offer a great choice when compared to the larger retails outlets, our service is from an Fish expert with 45 years experience of keeping and breeding fish and our prices are amazing. Dave has been building and maintaining ornamental and Koi ponds for over 10 years. Read reviews of what people say about us here

Over the years I have bred Angel Fish, Gouramis, Kribensis, Oscars and I originally worked and trained for a large North Devon Aquatics company. In 2004 I moved back to the Midlands and starting selling Aqautic dry goods at regional markets and large car boot sales before I started selling Koi and other pond fish.

In 2013 Harvey's Aquatics opened it's doors as a small family based retail shop in Pensnett near Dudley  and have grown in size each year. 

Visit our store and browse our huge collection of:

  • 52 tropical tanks with 109 varieties of Fish
  • 12 Coldwater Tanks
  • 7 Small Ponds
  • A 2000 Gallon display Pond
  • We have a new cold water section

Please feel free to come and browse our store and have a look around and you will get a warm welcome from Harvey, and advice and help from Dave to get your fish happy and healthy!

Thanks for Looking at our website! You can find our shop here



    Harvey & Dave

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