Pond Plants

At Harvey’s Aquatics we stock a wide range of Aquatic Plants, from waterlilies to plants that help with oxygenation and to help your pond breathe life. Make your pond a haven for local, native wildlife in your garden.

Help and Advice in choosing your Aquatic Pond Plants

How do I work out the best stocking rate for my pond?  How many water lilies will I need? What colour water lily will work best? What about marginal plants?  Will I need bunches of oxygentor plants?  Can you help me choose the best water lily for my pond?  I need to control the blanket weed in my pond?   What's best for surface cover and will I need bog plants? 

Whatever your question, you'll get great advice from Harvey's Aqautics.  Dave will guide you through what pond plants you may want to choose; selecting the best water lily for your pond and how to plant your water lilies, the best marginal plants you will need and how to maintain a healthy oxygenation.

Harvey's Aquatic Plants can be used for lots of applications such as lakes, pools, ponds, micro-ponds, natural wild-life ponds and also for ornamental water features.

Did you know bees and other pollinators thrive on Aquatic Plants?

Oxygenating Pond Plants

By creating healthy and diverse pond will really benefit your fish from a higher quality of life and Harvey’s stock a large choice of Oxygenating Pond Plants and zonal plants to help create a lovely aquatic home. 

Do you keep Koi? they love to play, swim and lurk around in natural plant zone areas and we stock lots of different plants to make them feel at home.

See our range of Aquatic Pond Plants in stock now

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